DEI Foundations/Key Concepts – October 6, 2022 11:30 AM – 1 PM

Are you aware that 100% of people are biased but most do not know it? Would you recognize a microaggression when you see it? Do you understand the impact of microaggressions on your organization? Do you understand whether your workplace environment is welcoming to diverse people? If you answered NO to any of these questions or just want to brush up on the topics, this session is for you? Come participate in an interactive session that takes you through how our biases lead to microaggressions, organizational policies, and culture that is, at best, unwelcoming and at worse, illegal.

Learning Objectives:
By the end of this session participants will be able to:

  • understand what unconscious implicit bias is and how it impacts performance
  • interpret types of microaggressions and their impact to your organization
  • begin to analyze the “welcomness” of your workplace for diverse employees.

Facilitator: James McKim, PMP, ITIL,  Managing Partner, Organizational Ignition, LLC


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