Our Mission

To help organizations reach and sustain their ignition point through the integration and alignment of business processes, people, and technology.

We work with senior management to identify and implement efforts that leverage strengths, eliminate weaknesses, capitalize on opportunities, and minimize threats. Our unique approach puts a special emphasis on strategic use of diverse human capital and transformational technology.

Who We Are

If you are a small to medium-sized organization that can’t seem to reach your goals or have projects in jeopardy, we can help. We are experts in and live to identify the problems you are facing and cost-effectively remove roadblocks to your success.

Contact us today. We are eager to help your organization through the process improvement, project management, and people changes necessary to reach its goals.


Organizational Ignition partners have a variety of backgrounds and experience to provide the right expertise for your situation.

James T. McKim, PMP, ITIL

James McKim is Managing Partner at Organizational Ignition.

He is a sought-after organizational performance speaker, coach,
change manager, and author of the best selling book The Diversity Factor: Igniting Superior Organizaitonal Performance. Over his 30+ year career, he has helped small and large organizations in many industries to spark efficiency and growth through the aligning of people, process, and technology. He excels at bridging business and technology. He has a well-known knack for quickly assessing the “big picture” of a situation, identifying Critical Success Factors, prioritizing solutions, and bringing a project management disciplined approach to facilitating organizational improvements. Recognized by organizations such as Atd, Brandon Hall, Bersin Associates, Axelos, PMI,and the Diversity Workforce Council he is dedicated to creating win-win situations between organizations and their employees.

Mr. McKim has a deep understanding of current trends in the development, selection, deployment, and revenue realization of human and technology capital. He has played diverse roles including Developer, Trainer, Facilitator, Consultant, Director, Adjunct Professor, CIO/CTO, and President for organizations such as Digital Equipment Corp, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and FIRST. He has, also co-founded several companies ranging from a management consulting firm that specialized in facilitating strategic use of information through both non-human and human means to a provider of asset tracking products & services.

Mr. McKim is well-versed in the impact of public policy on organizations and individuals. He has served as Chair of the Software Association of New Hampshire, Chair of the Education Committee of NH Public Broadcasting, member of the NH International Trade Advisory Board and advisor to governors and legislators. He now serves a consultant, facilitator, frequent conference presenter, and guest on radio and television shows focusing on the topic of organizational performance through diversity.

Mr. McKim believes strongly in giving back to the community. He is Chair of the Episcopal Church’s National Executive Council Committee Anti-Racism. He serves in leadership roles on several organization Boards including the Board of Directors for New Hampshire Public Broadcasting, PMI NH, and Manchester Branch of the NAACP.

Mr. McKim lives in Goffstown, New Hampshire with his wife Nancy and daughter Katherine where he is an avid tennis player, cross-country skier, and digs singing vocals in the jazz band the Episcocats.

Candice Benson

A true passion of Ms. Benson’s is helping clients integrate gender-diversity and mentoring programs and best practices into their organizations, strengthening their businesses. In fact, the latest research studies are concluding what she has identified throughout her career: there are direct correlations between an organization’s depth of employee diversity and positive business results.

Ms. Benson is an internationally recognized Management Consultant. For over 15 years, she has been instrumental in successfully leading companies at all levels to operational excellence, leading to great profits and time-savings. She has led highly complex workflow, process, and back-end optimization projects for Fortune 50 companies, including several major M&A transactions, and her true passion is bringing this expertise to companies of all sizes, as she knows the benefit that a focus on operational excellence can bring.

Eric Bloom

Mr. Bloom is a former nationally syndicated columnist, TEDx speaker, and recognized thought leader on the use of influence in the workplace. He is also a Past President of the National Speakers Association New England, a Certified Professional Speaker (CSP), and the author of various other books, including “Productivity Driven Success” and “The CIO’s Guide to Staff Needs, Growth, and Productivity”. Prior to his current role, Eric was a senior IT executive at various firms including Fidelity Investments, Monster.com, and Independence Investments.