Key Concepts in DEI

Are you aware that 100% of people are biased but most do not know it? Would you recognize a microaggression when you see it? Do you understand the impact of microaggressions on your organization? Do you understand whether your workplace environment is welcoming to diverse people? If you answered NO to any of these questions […]

How to Have Difficult Conversations

Want to challenge discrimination but don’t know how? Gain an understanding of the reasons conversations can be difficult and learn tools to make them more productive. Register Now!

De-Biasing Techniques

Are you aware that 100% of people are biased but most do not know it? Research has shown that it is this unconscious implicit bias that causes discrimination and the “isms” that exist in society. This highly interactive workshop will help you understand how to de-bias yourself and show you how to embrace diverse people […]

Cultural Sensitivity in the Workplace

Resmaa Menachem says that culture is the way our bodies re-enact history through the foods we eat, the stories we tell, and the images that move us.  This workshop introduces how different cultures impact interactions in the workplace. Register Now!

Women in the Workplace

Research has shown that organizations that truly engage women at all levels outperform those organizations that do not. And despite claims to the contrary, research also shows that truly and equitably engaging women equitably is not happening in the US. This session explores how organizations can create an environment where women are treated equitably while […]

Age in the Workplace

There are a record 5 generations in the workforce. Yet our society and employers seem to value only the younger ones. Research has shown that youth focus to be short-sighted when it comes to achieving superior organizational performance. This workshop describes how organizations can innovate and beat the competition by engaging all generations. Register Now!

DEI for Managers

DEI is a proven way to elicit superior performance from teams and individuals. But that performance does not just happen by itself. Even if there is a DEI Plan, that plan needs to be carried out day-to-day. So, how do you bring diversity into your group? How do you engage everyone equitably so that they […]

Active Bystander Training (DEI Series)

You are minding your own business in a store or on a bus. You see someone bullying a person who looks as if he/she is not capable of handling the situation. What do you do?  In a time when people are quick to express anger and more likely to be angry at people “not like […]

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Hackathon

Come hack into topics that have been impacting our workplaces! The purpose of this event is to bring the those who have a passion and commitment for diversity, equity, and inclusion together and discuss and hack into difficult topics in a respectful and safe setting. The topics will be as follows: DEI Goal Setting & […]