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Critical Thinking & Decision Making Critical thinking is a set of skills that allow for sound decision making. What are those skills and how should they be applied to make sound decisions?

Diversity: Good or Bad for Organizations? We hear much about “diversity”. But what is it really? And is it really good for organizations?

Establishing a Win-Win Culture Through Workforce Planning How do you create a win-win culture where your employees perform at their utmost and stay loyal to you through thick and thin? How can your organization embark on careful workforce planning combined with career development to help your organization and your employees achieve your respective goals?

Implicit Bias  Regardless of what anyone says, we are biologically wired to have biases. Why is that? And how we deal with those biases so that they do not lead us to make unsound decisions?

Neuroscience in Learning & Performance There is much new information about how our brains work and can be primed to learn and perform. What does that look like in an organizational setting?

Performance Through Diversity Studies have shown that diverse organizations perform better in many ways. What constitutes a “diverse” organization? How can your organization improve by becoming more diverse?

Business Process/Operations

Agile is King! Agile is now all the rage in business circles. But how can it help to ignite and transform an organizational? (Click here to request a video link to a version of this talk.)
Making Change Stick Change is a strange thing. Sometimes organizations want it even when they say they do not. Sometimes organizations know they need it but don’t know how to make it stick. How do you manage change that will stick?

Successful Organizations Through Organizational Ignition Successful organizations get a number of things right in the areas of business, people, and technology. But what really ignites an organization to success and how do you move your organization toward organizational ignition?

Why Projects Fail, Really?

Have you ever been involved in a project that just didn’t go smoothly? Didn’t meet its deadlines? Ran over budget? Didn’t produce a product that worked? A combination of all of the above? Projects fail for many reasons; lack of stakeholder buy-in, poor planning, insufficient funding, lack of a proper charter to set expectations. So, what are the most commons reasons project? Are there industry patterns that can be identified? What are some ways to avoid those failures or fix them once they occur?


IT Workforce Trends Trends come and go. How do you keep up? What are the top trends now that you should be tracking?

Unpacking Digital Transformation Digital Transformation is a buzzword of the day.  Is it any different than past IT buzzwords? What implications does it have for small to medium-sized organizations?