Announcing Organizational Performance Through DEI Series Fall/Winter 2021-2022

We are happy to share that we finally have dates for our Fall/Winter 2021-2022 Organizational Performance Through DEI series. It took a bit longer than we anticipated because I was coordinating dates with the Diversity Workforce Coalition and the Manchester Chamber of Commerce who will be one of our series sponsors.
This is a more comprehensive series than last year’s series. It will cover a wide range of topics from why organizational should engage in diversity, equity, and inclusion to how to be an active bystander.
The series will begin on October 7, 2021 and end April 7, 2022. To register for any of the 12 sessions in the series, visit our Organizational Performance Through DEI Seminar Series registration page.
Sponsorship opportunities are available. If you are interested in being a sponsor, please visit our Sponsorship Opportunities page or contact me at James…
We can, also, deliver any of these sessions exclusively for your organization. Please spread the word about this series and let us know if you have any questions.

Network 4 Health Engages Organizational Ignition


Network 4 Health,  the healthcare Integrated Delivery Network (IDN) for greater Manchester, has selected Organizational Ignition to help execute an Diverity, Equity, and Inclusion program for it 43 member organizations  For more information about Network 4 Helath visit their website here.

Discovering Performance Through Diversity Service

We know that organizations are looking for ways to increase performance in any way they can. But how can diversity be used as a way to reach ultimate performance? We have experience helping organizations in for-profit and nonprofit industries in achieving organizational performance through diversity and would welcome the opportunity to help you.

Our overall approach recognizes that having a welcoming environment where employees feel  they belong and customers/clients feel their unique interests are being served is the recipe for sparking organizational performance. The generic phases of an engagement are shown below. 

This is only a starting point. Whether the need is for training, facilitation, or program leadership, we recognize that every organization is unique and is at a different point in their journey toward establishing that welcoming environment. Thus, we tailor our approach for each organization.

Organizations we have helped ignite performance through diversity include:



Sponsorship Opportunities – Performance Through DEI Series

We are pleased to announce the availability of sponsorship opportunities for our Performance Through DEI Series. The sessions are:

  • Feb. 28 – Diversity: Good or Bad for Your Organization
  • Mar. 11 – Your Next Step in DEI
  • Mar. 25 – Key Concepts in Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Apr. 8 – Achieving Organizational Performance Through Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion
  • Apr. 22 – DEI in Small Organizations
  • May 6 – Active By-Stander Training
  • May 20 – De-Biasing
  • Jun. 3 – Measuring DEI
  • Jun. 17 – DEI For Managers

For more information, visit the  Performance Through DEI Series Sponsorship Opportunities page.